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4 ways to stay safe when traveling

Many people ask me how I stay safe when traveling. It applies to my personal safety as well to my health safety. Well, as a health freak and also a Fitness Health Coach I know pretty well what too do in order not to risk the most important thing I have – my health.

However, I admit that not everyone has spent weeks or even months reading about all the possible information to find out the most about human health as I have. I also know that many people are more worried, more clumsy or just most troubled than me (I gotta say that my positive thinking has been working so great!)

So I put up a list of some of my ideas to keep you as safe as you can while on the road.


4 ways to stay safe when traveling:


1. You definitely need to get a travel insurance, just in case. Buying specialist medical insurance for travel will make you calmer, that’s for sure. Until now I have been pretty lucky or just intelligent enough to do what is necessary in order not to need to go to a doctor when traveling. But for sure anything can happen and travel insurance would save you a lot of money. Many travel insurance companies now even pay for your medical appointments or surgery straight away so no need to carry a lot of cash with you on the road.


2. Eat fruits and veggies. I cannot stress this one out enough. I am mostly vegan and after years of trying all the possible diets I have realized that eliminating meat and mostly dairy from my daily diet keeps me away from doctors and medicaments completely. Eating wisely is great for detox.





3. Use coconut oil. My monologue about the health benefits of coconut oil could go on and on as it forms maybe 95% of my cosmetics I not only travel with but I also use back at home. I wonder if there is anything retter in the world than this, honestly! I use the coconut oil as body lotion, after-shave cream, sun lotion (it has a natural SPF of 4), I brush my teeth with it (traditional toothpastes contain many chemicals I refuse to put into my mouth), i put it on my hair as a hair balm before washing … I have a huge bucket of coconut oil back home. If I need to fry/bake anything which is not very often, I also use coconut oil. It’s great for any skin cuts, bruises, to stop blood running, it’s anti-bacteria, anti-virus and anti-inflammatory so you can even have a spoon of it before going to sleep if you are not feeling very well. I recommend you to drink fresh coconut water as much as you can, too (easy to get in the exotic destinations such as Thailand, Mexico or Costa Rica.) It’s one of the healthiest drinks in the world.


4. Listen to your intuition. Personally, I do not do anything that might feel wrong for some reason. It does not have to be logical. After years of trying to be logical and listen to my brain I found out that my inner voice knows way more and I regretted each time when I did not follow my intuition. Just believe what the ”voice in your head” is telling you and sooner or later you will see why.