How to stay fit in Prague

Biooo in Kotva in Prague

When I was in Prague a few weeks ago, I took my visit from a completely different perspective. This time it was all about the best places for both healthy food and natural cosmetics. I did my research before I started wondering around the city to really be sure I would give you the best tips.


Here are my tips about how to stay fit in Prague:


Where to buy natural cosmetics?


Natural cosmetics – I am against all the chemicals in my life and getting 100% natural cosmetics is the key for me. In Prague, I found this super great cosmetic shop Biooo at Namesti Republiky in Kotva shopping mall, where I got 2 things I needed the most – a natural shampoo and a face mask. Check out my full funny review of the Eliah Sahil shampoo and face mask here with photos and videos.


Biooo in Kotva in Prague

Biooo shop

Eliah Sahil shampoos in Biooo

Eliah Sahil shampoos in Biooo


Where to eat?


Raw food restaurant – I highly recommend Secret of Raw restaurant just 5 minutes walking from the main train station. It was my first raw restaurant ever and after fighting with the first days of becoming raw in Slovakia, this visit gave me hope to move forward. The raw meals all tasted way better than those I used to eat cooked. It only proved that raw food is not only super healthy but can be delicious as well.


Secret of Raw in Prague

Secret of Raw in Prague

our huge raw vegan meal in Secret of Raw

our huge raw vegan meal

enjoying delicious raw vegan food in Secret of Raw





Fresh juices – Nude fresh & juicy bar is located in Palladium shopping mall in the food court on the top floor. It’s just a small stall next to the restaurants but a great place to get freshly squeezed juices. You can even choose your favorite ingredients. Fresh coconut water is also available here but I really hope they get a proper knife to cut the coconut as I ordered 2 and the vendors could not cut it so I couldn’t get inside to eat the pulp.


a fresh juice in Nude fresh bar

a fresh juice in Nude fresh bar

drinking fresh coconut water in Nude fresh & juicy bar in Palladium

drinking fresh coconut water



Bio shop – when I was walking to do the photo shoot for Cosmopolitan magazine, just next to it on Victora Huga street I found Bio Smichov shop. I was really surprised by their huge range of different healthy snacks and ingredients. Obviously, even there they offer 100% healthy and less healthier options so if you know a lot about these things like me, just always read the labels before purchasing something. For your biggest surprise (or not), what I miss probably the most now on my raw vegan diet is the chocolate, so I bought a bunch of chocolate sticks and chocolate bars, all raw with nuts and seeds and ate them all on holidays in Portoroz in Slovenia a few days after.



in Bio Smichov Prague

in Bio Smichov


Fresh fruit and vegetables – when walking around Prague, I ran into a number of small stalls with fresh fruit and vegetables. For example one, where I bought my raw lunch – blue berries and raspberries, was just a minute walking from Bio Smichov.


fresh fruit on the streets of Prague

fresh fruit on the streets of Prague



All these places are easy to reach by foot and that’s all you need to be fit in Prague. Walking is the key to both burn the calories and find the hidden gems where other tourists don’t go.


Check out my video when I tried to stay fit in Prague:

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