My experience with detox

going through detox

The other day I have explained you a bit why I was going crazy. A few months ago I got skin rash on cleavage, forehead and upper back. I’ve never had anything similar before and wasn’t really sure what it was. Over months, I had to try a lot of different things to get rid of it.

I am trying to eat healthy as much as I can but logically I am no angel.

After years, I decided I needed to go through detox.


I didn’t want to do a fast detox of just a day or two as I knew eating healthy when traveling is not easy at all. No matter how much I try, I still take it as being ”on holidays” so I can get ice cream or strawberry chocolate desserts whenever I can, right? And all those press trips just make it worse as my sponsors want me to have a brilliant time and food helps it very easily.


But it was the right time for a change. If not now, then when?

I had to make it the right time!


I started avoiding chemicals in cosmetics, stopped using the deodorant, shower gel, any make-up and perfume. I bought shampoo with no parabens and made of mostly natural ingredients and also began to apply 100% argan oil on my skin instead of body lotion. hand cream and face cream.

However, this is where my experience with detox only started.

going through detox

going through detox


I also started eating more raw vegetables and fruit, many seeds and made juicing part of my afternoon/dinner time. I added green tea for breakfast, white tea for lunch, seabuckthorn tea, linden tea, reishi tea and cups of other healthy teas in the afternoon/at night. I was as well taking spiruline and used detox foot paths for 2 weeks.

Dairy, meat and chocolate at minimum. No ice cream. Only rarely I used soy milk instead of cow milk, and if I was craving for some sweets, I got a small bite of 80% chocolate. I tried to avoid pasta and bread too.


I did cheat a few times though – I had chicken breast twice, cheese maybe 5 times, a few cakes and chocolate when I had a really bad day. But it is a lot less than ”normal”.


There’s not much to do in winter when it’s or slippery or full of snow so at least I went for a walk when possible, took 6 floors of steps up to my apartment and down, did some boxing or yoga. No sports where I could burn a lot of energy as it’s been a very long detox and I had days when I felt weak.

I did all this for 2 months and even though I cheated a few times over holidays (at Slovak Christmas and NYE), I have lost 3 kilograms and I feel much better and lighter. I also lost 90% of the rash on my forehead and maybe 80% of it on my back and cleavage. And it’s the first winter ever I have not had to fight with sinusitis yet. Even when everyone else was sick around me, I was healthy.


Long detox is not easy. I guess no detox is. But it was so worth it! I can say it started as a simple detox but I taught myself to be more patient and take better control of my cravings.

Have you ever gone through detox? Tell me about your experience with detox.

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