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3 ways to stay fit in Dominican republic

I found online a very informative article about the best beaches in the Dominican republic which gave me an idea to write the following post. If you are visiting the second largest Caribbean country, then the below tips might be helpful for you.

We all know how it goes on holidays, especially if we tend to stay at all-inclusive resorts with abundant food 24/7. We spend days tasting many local meals and alcoholic drinks (in Dominican republic we are talking of for example interesting mamajuana – a mixture of red wine, rum, honey and herbs).

But you don’t want to put on weight while on holidays, do you? If not, keep reading.


3 ways to stay fit in Dominican republic:


1.Water sports

All-inclusive resorts might be awesome, but there more than anywhere else is staying very active the key to not returning home heavier than before. Dominican republic offers a bunch of various activities, mostly water sports. I can only recommend snorkeling, swimming, scuba/snuba diving and surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing or practicing yoga on one of the white sand beaches. Just make your way along the coast and find the right sports for you.


2. Coconuts

My favorite drink on the planet is no wonder young coconut water. And in the Dominican republic you are able to get many coconuts, especially on the beach. Coconut water is rich in nutrients and electrolytes, it keeps you hydrated on hot days (more effective than energy drinks), reduces blood pressure, facilitates digestion and it’s very low in calories.

If you do any of the above mentioned sports, then drinking coconut water is a necessity for you to regain the minerals lost when sweating. When I am in the tropics, I cannot go a day without coconut water and trust me, I could even drink up to 5 coconuts per day and not get bored of the refreshing taste.


3. Fruit

Being located in the Caribbean, Dominican republic gives you an opportunity to fully explore all the tropical tastes. There’s so many different exotic fruits to munch on all day long. Do not settle for those you can get back home or you’ve tried in the countries you’ve visited before, but definitely give the unknown a try, too.

Go to a local market or to street vendors and ask for guanabana, guava, limoncillo, sea grape, noni, sapote, tamarindo, starfruit, bread of fruit, pineapple, avocado, mango, papaya (lechosa), cacao, passion fruit, acerolas, chayote or cashews. I am sure you will find a new favorite taste. Personally, I am a huge fan of papaya, pineapple, guanabana and mango but occassionally enjoy more of a sour taste, too.

Fruit might be high in natural sugar, but it’s the one your body can easily burn. So just swap heavy cooked meals for tasty fruit and you will be surprised at how much your weight might change. I am mainly eating just fruits and coconuts in tropical destinations to stay hydrated and have loads of energy and to be honest I’ve never felt better than on mostly raw vegan diet.


exotic fruit


Add a lot of walking around the hotel and beach, hiking in the mountains/jungle, and a sport massage to tone up your muscles and you might even go back home in a better shape than when you left.


If you are visiting the Dominican republic, get some time if you can to hop on the surrounding islands for more adventure in the Caribbean. Highly recommended!


Keeping fit on honeymoon – is it possible?

Everyone’s honeymoon should be an idyllic fairy-tale holidays. We all would agree on that one, right? But frankly, how many of you are worried about eating too many different cakes on your wedding day (women, please be honest with yourselves) and then too many strawberries covered with chocolate from mouth to mouth with your new life partner? And also bear in mind to add all the calories from the champagne shared in jacuzzi with your new spouse…


It all might sound like a paradise, I admit, especially when flying to a deserted island with private white beach where you can hang out for 24/7 enjoying your loved one.


However, after you get back home to your stereotype life again and force yourself to stand on that weight scale … you find yourself in a shock.


You don’t want this to happen, right?


I don’t know why but last night I had a dream about my honeymoon. I am not even engaged yet but maybe it was because a British friend of mine who is sharing a room with me for a week now in Spain talked about her upcoming engagement. So I woke up in the morning coming up with many honeymoon ideas.


I thought about not only the possible destinations for my (hopefully-one-day-coming) honeymoon, but as well about keeping fit on honeymoon. Is it really possible?



Here are my tips about staying fit on honeymoon:


1. No stress

Keep stress level at minimum. I know planning both a wedding and honeymoon usually gets very stressful but most people put on weight when they are under pressure. You need to breathe in and out a few times to calm down before you start eating. Also, remember to sit down and not to eat while running from one place to another.


2. Stay active

Plan some fun activities for you and your partner that will make you stay active. Go snorkeling, scuba diving, rappelling, kayaking, surfing, or practice yoga on the beach. Most hotels also offer a whole bunch of activities so you can even join volleyball in the pool or water polo. Find anything that makes you happy and if you can spend quality time together while doing so, that’s even better 😉


3. Start with fruit and fresh salads

Buffets, and more buffets. All inclusive can get really annoying after a while and all the kilograms you lost to fit into your wedding dress could get back faster than you imagine. My best advice would be to always get tropical fruits for breakfast and lunch and then start with a fresh raw vegetable salad for dinner. You are gonna fill up your stomach with healthy food and it won’t make you feel that guilty (at least this trick works with my brain.) If you are still hungry, then get a bite of something less healthy. Try to balance things. Healthy eating is totally doable. Try to keep 80/20 balance – 80% of healthy meals and 20% of those I call cheating 😀


4. Keep walking

I swear on walking! There’s nothing that keeps me fit more than walking. You can walk in every destination. Get a map or just wonder around chatting about everything you want to do in future with your partner. Avoid taxis and public transportation and explore the surroundings on your own. If you are on an island or outside a city, go for a hike! The views from up the hill will be worth all the sweat drops. And if you happen to get lost, don’t worry. You will have a good story to tell your grandchildren in a few years. Even if you chose a luxury cruise for your honeymoon, there’s always a way to stay fit on a cruise.

PS: Explore on foot, especially after every big meal. Don’t go to bed nor lie down on the beach directly after a heavy meal, it will slow down your digestion.


I can only imagine most of you will ditch your gym routine when on honeymoon but it doesn’t mean you have to return a few kilograms heavier. Just remember, do your best every single day. That’s what counts!

How to stay fit on Mauritius

Maybe you remember my older post which I published 2 months ago on my other blog where I talked about things to do on Mauritius. Mauritius is one of the beach destinations highest on my bucket list and I cannot wait to get there one day.

Similarly as for many, the island would be the best fit for honeymooners and high-end travelers. You don’t have to worry when looking for a Mauritius honeymoon resort. There’s so many great ones on the island! Does it mean I should find a boyfriend finally and take him to our honeymoon to this tropical island? What do you think? 🙂


Anyway, thinking of a paradise beach holidays on Mauritius sounds more than good to me…


But how about staying fit when traveling there?


Below, I suggest a few things so you don’t come back home with a few kilograms more (not baggage full of souvenirs, but I am talking about fat kilograms 😉

If you happen to travel with your partner, a new or an old love, then for sure you should remember that even simple kissing burns calories. The rest of the activities you can do with your loved one I will leave up to you. Hint: Just think of the famous picture book written way long ago in India 😉

Besides tender loving care burning calories, there are a few adventure activities you can do on Mauritius in order to maintain fit. I recommend things like paragliding, ziplining, hiking to get a perfect view of the island and the sea … Kitesurfing and canyoning are becoming very famous among young visitors, too. Swimming and snorkelling are not even necessary to mention as many people do both of them when spending time at the beach.


2 dolphins-in-mauritius

Photographers could keep themselves fit just running around and trying to snap a lovely photo of many wild animals around the island.

If you are not that much into sports and prefer lazy holidays over active one, you can still munch on fresh tropical fruits found at hotels and restaurants around Mauritius, get fresh juices an choose a veggie salad instead of a very heavy unhealthy dinner you can have back home. For sure, try fruits and vegetables that you’ve never seen and you will find many of them very tasty.

Good news for all the ladies – even being a shopaholic you could burn a lot of calories, especially in such a heat on Mauritius. Trying a lot of clothes and walking from one shop to another counts as exercise, too, doesn’t it?


PS: Don’t forget to buy travel insurance and stay safe when traveling to this paradise island.

4 ways to stay safe when traveling

Many people ask me how I stay safe when traveling. It applies to my personal safety as well to my health safety. Well, as a health freak and also a Fitness Health Coach I know pretty well what too do in order not to risk the most important thing I have – my health.

However, I admit that not everyone has spent weeks or even months reading about all the possible information to find out the most about human health as I have. I also know that many people are more worried, more clumsy or just most troubled than me (I gotta say that my positive thinking has been working so great!)

So I put up a list of some of my ideas to keep you as safe as you can while on the road.


4 ways to stay safe when traveling:


1. You definitely need to get a travel insurance, just in case. Buying specialist medical insurance for travel will make you calmer, that’s for sure. Until now I have been pretty lucky or just intelligent enough to do what is necessary in order not to need to go to a doctor when traveling. But for sure anything can happen and travel insurance would save you a lot of money. Many travel insurance companies now even pay for your medical appointments or surgery straight away so no need to carry a lot of cash with you on the road.


2. Eat fruits and veggies. I cannot stress this one out enough. I am mostly vegan and after years of trying all the possible diets I have realized that eliminating meat and mostly dairy from my daily diet keeps me away from doctors and medicaments completely. Eating wisely is great for detox.





3. Use coconut oil. My monologue about the health benefits of coconut oil could go on and on as it forms maybe 95% of my cosmetics I not only travel with but I also use back at home. I wonder if there is anything retter in the world than this, honestly! I use the coconut oil as body lotion, after-shave cream, sun lotion (it has a natural SPF of 4), I brush my teeth with it (traditional toothpastes contain many chemicals I refuse to put into my mouth), i put it on my hair as a hair balm before washing … I have a huge bucket of coconut oil back home. If I need to fry/bake anything which is not very often, I also use coconut oil. It’s great for any skin cuts, bruises, to stop blood running, it’s anti-bacteria, anti-virus and anti-inflammatory so you can even have a spoon of it before going to sleep if you are not feeling very well. I recommend you to drink fresh coconut water as much as you can, too (easy to get in the exotic destinations such as Thailand, Mexico or Costa Rica.) It’s one of the healthiest drinks in the world.


4. Listen to your intuition. Personally, I do not do anything that might feel wrong for some reason. It does not have to be logical. After years of trying to be logical and listen to my brain I found out that my inner voice knows way more and I regretted each time when I did not follow my intuition. Just believe what the ”voice in your head” is telling you and sooner or later you will see why.

You don’t have to put on weight on a luxury cruise

river Bangkok Thailand

These days I started planning some of my trips in 2015 and I hope to revisit Thailand in October not just to go there to a travel blogger conference TBEX to meet up with fellow bloggers and potential business partners, but also because each time I visit Asia, I fall in love with it more and more. The last time I was in Bangkok was in fall of 2014 and I spent a week there practicing Muay Thai boxing and learning how to protect myself with thai boxing moves in case there was a weirdo following me somewhere on the road.

Right now, wondering about which of my bucket list destinations and activities I would like to check off, I found a post on the Scenic Tours blog about their new plans. Vietnam and Laos are definitely the Asian countries that do stand out for me and I so love Thailand that just the idea of enjoying a luxury Mekong river cruise sounds more than like a plan to me.

It was this time 2 years ago when I was just preparing myself for my first cruise ever. I have been on many boat and catamaran trips as they are my very favorite activities and I try to do a lot of snorkeling and swimming. But my first longer ”real” cruise was back in March 2012. It was around the Mediterranean sea.

Now it seems I could get to know a lot in Asia without the stress of many flights and most of all without a backpack and just hop on a cruise. That would be my first longer river cruise as until now I have only spent a few hours on some, such as the Danube cruise in Budapest where I enjoyed the romantic candle-lit dinner.


river Bangkok Thailand

river Bangkok Thailand


For many, Asia is a backpacking destination, I admit. Most of the newbie bloggers and those who get the guts to leave everything and go on their first long solo trip (or the famous gap year) choose Asia as their first destination. Asia, maybe except Singapore and Hong Kong, is mostly cheaper than many other world destinations and it is easy to travel around with a backpack staying at hostels. That is a fact.

But how about the luxury travelers like me? I don’t want to sweat with a dusty backpack on my back but still want to visit all the breath-taking destinations. Now with this new cruise concept there is a chance to visit the 12th longest river in the world and all the main spots next to it.

Honestly, I was really happy to find out about the Mekong’s most luxurious ship the Scenic Spirit which will give you an opportunity to explore the best of Asia from the comfort of your luxury suite.

I can imagine what you are trying to say now …

Yes, I have heard many times too that it is just older people going on cruises and I have to disagree. There are a lot of preconceived notions about cruising and this is one of them.


You can stay fit onboard a cruise and you do not have to be over 60 to go on one.


If you would like to find out how not to put on weight onboard a cruise, then read my article about the 6 tips on how to stay fit on a cruise. You can definitely practice yoga in your suite, go to the gym, choose from the exotic fruits for lunch, burn some calories during the day trips ouside of the cruise and take steps instead of the lifts.


healthy food on board a cruise

healthy food on board a cruise

How to be fit in Bocas del Toro – Bocas Yoga tips

My love for yoga started back in 2012 when I took 2 sexy yoga classes at Bocas Yoga with Laura Kay. For some reason, like many of us think, I also thought yoga is boring and not a proper workout.
Boy, was I wrong!
At Bocas Yoga Laura kicked my ass at every single class and I fell in love with yoga so much, I revisited Bocas Yoga in 2014 twice. I even stayed at Laura’s room for rent at the back of the yoga studio so I could practice yoga sometimes even twice a day.
I learned tons of things from Bocas Yoga classes:

  • spread the toes – it makes our muscles to work harder and we are more stable, also it prevents the external rotation of the knee so if you have any knee injuries, open your toes to activate your leg muscles
  • my first wheel since I was a kid
  • my first wheel with one arm and also with one leg only
  • my first head stand without a wall (even though Laura does not like to practice them in here as she hurt her neck once I was practicing them on my own as I was on a mission of learning how to do them)


 at Bocas Yoga Bocas del Toro (2) Crazy sexy fun traveler with Bocas Yoga Laura Kay

Yoga lesson 1: You deserve gratitude and abundance.


Yoga lesson 2: Being a child feels awesome. Be playful.


Yoga lesson 3: You have light in you. Bring it with you all the time, even when you travel. Shine it out. Show light you have inside the whole day wherever you go.


Yoga lesson 4: It’s good to live in abundance and be able to select. Yoga teaches us also how to be selective, to know our value. You do have a right to say no. It’s good to say no sometimes if we recognize we are worth more than what we are getting offered.


Yoga lesson 5: Passion is the key. Do everything with passion. Practice each yoga pose with passion.


Yoga lesson 6: Yoga is a creative process. Be creative. We create yoga poses, it’s art, too.


Yoga lesson 7: Through yoga you overcome your fear. Some poses seem fearful but you become fearless slowly. The same applies to your life. Do what you are afraid of and after a certain time you will learn how to deal with fear.


Yoga lesson 8: We are perfect inside where it matters. Choose to witness our inner beauty.


Yoga lesson 9: Cultivate gratitude. Look for the things you take for granted and be grateful for them. There’s so much to be grateful for. You have many things that others do not.


Yoga lesson 10: I am glad to see my friends at this yoga class. Celebrate the friendships and relationships you have.


Yoga lesson 11: Remember, you always have a choice. Choose your perception, choose to see the positive.


Yoga lesson 12: Karma does pay back. It’s worth it. Give more and you will get more.


at Bocas Yoga Bocas del Toro (1)

Where to eat healthy in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica – Puerto Pirata Puerto Viejo

I already mentioned on my main blog, that my favorite restaurant in Costa Rica was Puerto Pirata Puerto Viejo. It’s located right on the local beach in Puerto Viejo town. I ate there maybe more than 10 times and there’s maybe less than 10 restaurants in the entire world where I returned so many times. What does it mean?


Puerto Pirata is special!


Mostly organic and locally produced ingredients, young coconuts, freshly squeezed juices, smoothies, salads and sandwiches … plus a lot of herbal teas made by a Bribri indigenous doctor for different health issues.

Flora, the owner, put up nutritionally balanced meals based on ayurvedic principles. They all taste awesome, look awesome and are awesomely healthy 🙂


Plus, the deli and the coffee shop is 30 seconds from the beach so you can swim, have some drinks here, then swim again, have a lunch here, and then swim some more. The only disadvantage is that Puerto Pirata Puerto Viejo closes at 6 pm. I so wish I could dine out there, too.

There’s many vegetarian, and even vegan options which I was really grateful for. Even a bunch of raw vegan drinks and meals. Thumbs up!



I tried loads of things from the menu together with my friends and my favorite ones were:


DRINKS at Puerto Pirata Puerto Viejo


1. coconut water – called in Costa Rica agua de pipa *Raw vegan
2. bebida de sapo = toad water (a Costa Rican traditional drink made of ginger, crystalized sugar cane juice and lemon) *Vegan
3. Ahua Kombucha – a lot of different flavors, such as noni, ginger, grapes, passion fruit, beetroot etc., all locally home-made by Soul *Vegan
Puerto Pirata Puerto Viejo (15) Puerto Pirata Puerto Viejo (27) Puerto Pirata Puerto Viejo (29)
4. juices – freshly squeezed carrot, ginger, turmeric and beet juice for 2,000 colones plus aloe vera added extra if wanted *Raw vegan
Puerto Pirata Puerto Viejo (19)
5. smoothies – my fave one was made of berries, orange, sunflower seeds, honey and added fresh aloe vera leaf (without yoghurt that comes with the original recipe) for the price of 2,500 colones. You can add one of my favorite plants – aloe vera into your smoothies only in here (I think in the whole Puerto Viejo area I have not found aloe vera smoothies anywhere else.) *Raw vegan
Puerto Pirata Puerto Viejo (13)
6. Talamanca original medicinal tea – for energy, immunity booster for 1,000 colones, with eco organic honey

MEALS at Puerto Pirata Puerto Viejo


1. Rrraw Pirate special raw salad – carrot and sesame seeds, cucumber with chia seeds, mint, red beets with coconut, cabbage and nuts, avocado with sunflower seeds, tomato and basil, yellow pejibaye sauce (garlic, parsley and palm fruit that only grows in the Central America and is rich in protein = here people call it a vegan mayonnaise) and white tahini sauce for 4,000 colones. I could eat this salad 24/7, trust me 🙂 *Raw vegan
2. Asian Pirate Raw Nem – Vietnamese style raw spring rolls with carrots, cabbage, celery and fresh mint for 3,000 colones Puerto Pirata Puerto Viejo *Raw vegan
Puerto Pirata Puerto Viejo (17)
3. Veggie Pirate – a special daily salad home-made for 3,000 colones. I tried this salad a few times as it always surprised me with the best ingredients. *Vegan
4. Flora made a mixture of 3 meals for us – Asian Pirate Raw Nem, Tabuleh with Quinoa salad, hummus, sweet potato salad, spicy tomato salad, tahini sauce and ginger-soy sauce. One word – delicious! *Vegan
Puerto Pirata Puerto Viejo (30)
5. El Pirata Hambriento – the refreshing sandwich from El Pirata OM menu – herbed chickpeas, sweet potato (ensalada de camote in Spanish), ginger, cucumber, mint, carrot and cabbage salad for 3,400 colones *Vegan
Puerto Pirata Puerto Viejo (14) Puerto Pirata Puerto Viejo (18)
6. D-Day After Pirate sandwich the detox one – tahini, black bean, cucumber, min, carrots, coconut, cabbage salad for 3,000 colones *Vegan
7. Hum-borgy pirate veggie burger – tomato and basil, chayote and mini veggie burgers with beans for 3,800 colones *Vegan
Puerto Pirata Puerto Viejo (24)
PS: The chocolate cake sold in Puerto Pirata Puerto Viejo is definitely the best in town. I could eat the whole cake, not just a piece 😀
PS2: The great thing about the sandwiches is that you can choose what kind of bread you’d like – pita, wheat free or even raw crackers.

Interview with the Barefoot Blogger

Lara Healy is The Barefoot Blogger. She left corporate America in October 2013 to travel the world and pursue her passions. Her blog documents her journey through yoga, vegetarian cuisine, and international gardening. Currently, she writes on location from Blue Osa yoga retreat in Costa Rica, where she is also the volunteer gardener.



*photo credit Maria Hillier


1. Honestly, do you find it hard to stay fit when traveling? If so, what is the biggest challenge for you?


Not really. When I travel I usually shop at the local food markets, rather than eat in restaurants, so I have the ability to purchase food that is healthy and nutritious. For exercise, I to love run and I can do that practically anywhere. I also practice yoga 5-6 times per week, either by myself or at a studio. The biggest challenge of staying fit for me when I travel is finding time to workout. When I’m on the go I don’t have a standard routine, so I have to consciously carve out time each day to workout.


2. What do you think about vegetarian/vegan/raw food diets? Do you follow any of them?


I’ve been a vegetarian for 13 years and I love it. I think that raw and vegan diets are great too and sometimes I will adopt a vegan or raw diet when I’m doing a cleanse or detox. While I really support vegetarian, vegan and raw diets I do think that each person needs to find a meal plan that works well with their individual body.


3. What sports do you practice on the road?


It depends on where I am, but I always do yoga and run. If I’m near the ocean I try to swim. If I’m in the mountains I like to hike. I also enjoy biking and dancing or anything else that will get my body moving.



*photo credit Jess Brown


4. Do you think mental or spiritual side is also important when staying fit? Is meditation close to you?


I think that being mindful is very important to staying fit. I notice that if I am really focusing on each moment, then I make healthier decisions in my life. I do have a personal meditation practice, however, it changes from day to day. Sometimes my meditation is a walk on the beach, some days it’s yoga, other days it is writing in my journal. It just depends on what kind of mood I’m in. But I think that any activity that is practiced with mindfulness can be a form of meditation.


5. Your top 3 tips for other travelers to stay fit when traveling?


1. Prepare your own meals – when you rely on other people to cook your food it is easy to compromise what you really want for what is available.
2. Pack good shoes – make sure to have a sturdy pair of hiking boots or running shoes with you on the road, it will enable you to get in some cardio in almost any location

3. Drink a lot of water.




*photo credit Maria Hillier

Interview with GlobetrotterGirls

The GlobetrotterGirls are Dani and Jess, a German-American couple who set off to travel in 2010 and never looked back. The Girls run, a travel website sharing everything from inspiring travel stories to the hard-earned information and experience to help independent travelers plan and make the most of their own authentic adventures. They also host the Break Free podcast, are the authors of The Ultimate Guide to Housesitting and have just launched their GlobetrotterGirls Getaways, hosting small groups of like-minded independent travelers to explore destinations around the world, together.
dani and jess torres del paine

1. Honestly, do you find it hard to stay fit when traveling? If so, what is the biggest challenge for you?

Staying fit while traveling is definitely a challenge for us both. There are a few factors that play into the difficulty. First and foremost, fitness relies on at least some sort of a routine. When moving on each few days or even weeks, we need to locate ways and places to work out, healthy food/restaurants, etc. Also, because each hotel/hostel has a different vibe, sometimes getting enough sleep can be difficult as well. The hardest part is eating right, and this is usually because a. we want to try all the local foods – many of which tend to be some sort of fried dough and b. if we are traveling through places where drinking the water is not advisable, eating salads or fresh fruits and vegetables in general means risking getting bouts of traveler’s belly 🙂



2. What do you think about vegetarian/vegan/raw food diets? Do you follow any of them?

We are both vegetarians – I have been since birth and Dani since she was 12 years old. Neither of us could imagine ourselves eating meat, despite how much easier this would be on the road. We don’t follow a vegan or raw diet, and I can imagine this would make travel all the more difficult. I am sensitive to gluten and avoiding bread and pasta is already a big enough challenge!


3. What sports do you practice on the road?

This depends where we are traveling and what is available to us. Dani is a runner, so whenever we are somewhere where she feels comfortable, she throws her shoes on and takes off for an hour or so. But in small colonial towns with cobblestone roads, for example, running can be more difficult. I practice yoga wherever I am, and always have my mat with me. When we are somewhere with park space or doing a housesit where there is plenty of room indoors, we do Insanity whenever possible.


4. Do you think mental or spiritual side is also important when staying fit? Is meditation close to you?

This is a realization I’ve only had recently, but I think that the mental aspect of fitness is equally as important as the physical. Traveling has really lightened both our moods and our outlook on life, and that has helped tremendously in terms of our mental health – we have an appreciation for our lives now that went totally overlooked when focused on the day to day slog of our previous jobs, no matter how long we used to spend in the gym. When every day is something new and an adventure, it makes us feel like we are really living. Neither of us meditate – unless you count sitting still for 20 hours on bus rides!


5. Your top 3 tips for other travelers to stay fit when traveling?

1. Find a form of exercise you can do that you really enjoy – that doesn’t take up much space – you can’t carry much more equipment with you than shoes and a yoga mat, for example.
2. In terms of eating – do the best you can do. You can’t always eat right, plus where is the fun in that? You need to try the local foods and every once in a while pizza and other comfort food is necessary for the soul. But on a daily basis, make 80% of your food choices as healthy as possible, and leave the other 20% for the fun stuff.
3. Drink water. Lots of it. Between walking miles around a city, hiking or other outdoor adventures and of course the drinking that goes along with socializing and meeting people, making sure to drink enough water is really a key factor in maintaining health and wellness. To reduce plastic bottle waste, you can pickup a steripen which rids any local water of bacteria etc.

Interview with DJ Yabis

DJ Yabis runs one of the most fabulous European adventure blog, Dream Euro Trip. He is a self-proclaimed gourmand, music festival freak and loves traveling in style. He also helps his readers plan their dream eurotrips.

1. Honestly, do you find it hard to stay fit when traveling? If so, what is the biggest challenge for you?


Before, yes because I was generally lazy. But now I enjoy walking and do a lot of adventure activities when traveling so it sure beats seating at home. I think the biggest challenge is always a change in mindset. If you can change the way you see fitness, then you can definitely stay fit while traveling easily.


2. What do you think about vegetarian/vegan/raw food diets? Do you follow any of them?

I like my delicious dead animals so I try to balance my diet with meat, fresh vegetable and fruits. I am more a Paleo person than a vegetarian ;D

3. What sports do you practice on the road?

Swimming mostly and walking (if you can call it a sport!)

4. Do you think mental or spiritual side is also important when staying fit? Is meditation close to you?

Totally. As I mentioned in my first answer, your mindset will be your biggest challenge. I’ve never tried meditation though but would love to!

5. Your top 3 tips for other travelers to stay fit when traveling?

1. Walk if you can!
2. Eat fresh local food (avoid processed stuff and fast food!)
3. Easy on the alcohol!