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3 ways to stay fit in Dominican republic

I found online a very informative article about the best beaches in the Dominican republic which gave me an idea to write the following post. If you are visiting the second largest Caribbean country, then the below tips might be helpful for you.

We all know how it goes on holidays, especially if we tend to stay at all-inclusive resorts with abundant food 24/7. We spend days tasting many local meals and alcoholic drinks (in Dominican republic we are talking of for example interesting mamajuana – a mixture of red wine, rum, honey and herbs).

But you don’t want to put on weight while on holidays, do you? If not, keep reading.


3 ways to stay fit in Dominican republic:


1.Water sports

All-inclusive resorts might be awesome, but there more than anywhere else is staying very active the key to not returning home heavier than before. Dominican republic offers a bunch of various activities, mostly water sports. I can only recommend snorkeling, swimming, scuba/snuba diving and surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing or practicing yoga on one of the white sand beaches. Just make your way along the coast and find the right sports for you.


2. Coconuts

My favorite drink on the planet is no wonder young coconut water. And in the Dominican republic you are able to get many coconuts, especially on the beach. Coconut water is rich in nutrients and electrolytes, it keeps you hydrated on hot days (more effective than energy drinks), reduces blood pressure, facilitates digestion and it’s very low in calories.

If you do any of the above mentioned sports, then drinking coconut water is a necessity for you to regain the minerals lost when sweating. When I am in the tropics, I cannot go a day without coconut water and trust me, I could even drink up to 5 coconuts per day and not get bored of the refreshing taste.


3. Fruit

Being located in the Caribbean, Dominican republic gives you an opportunity to fully explore all the tropical tastes. There’s so many different exotic fruits to munch on all day long. Do not settle for those you can get back home or you’ve tried in the countries you’ve visited before, but definitely give the unknown a try, too.

Go to a local market or to street vendors and ask for guanabana, guava, limoncillo, sea grape, noni, sapote, tamarindo, starfruit, bread of fruit, pineapple, avocado, mango, papaya (lechosa), cacao, passion fruit, acerolas, chayote or cashews. I am sure you will find a new favorite taste. Personally, I am a huge fan of papaya, pineapple, guanabana and mango but occassionally enjoy more of a sour taste, too.

Fruit might be high in natural sugar, but it’s the one your body can easily burn. So just swap heavy cooked meals for tasty fruit and you will be surprised at how much your weight might change. I am mainly eating just fruits and coconuts in tropical destinations to stay hydrated and have loads of energy and to be honest I’ve never felt better than on mostly raw vegan diet.


exotic fruit


Add a lot of walking around the hotel and beach, hiking in the mountains/jungle, and a sport massage to tone up your muscles and you might even go back home in a better shape than when you left.


If you are visiting the Dominican republic, get some time if you can to hop on the surrounding islands for more adventure in the Caribbean. Highly recommended!


Where to eat healthy in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica – Puerto Pirata Puerto Viejo

I already mentioned on my main blog, that my favorite restaurant in Costa Rica was Puerto Pirata Puerto Viejo. It’s located right on the local beach in Puerto Viejo town. I ate there maybe more than 10 times and there’s maybe less than 10 restaurants in the entire world where I returned so many times. What does it mean?


Puerto Pirata is special!


Mostly organic and locally produced ingredients, young coconuts, freshly squeezed juices, smoothies, salads and sandwiches … plus a lot of herbal teas made by a Bribri indigenous doctor for different health issues.

Flora, the owner, put up nutritionally balanced meals based on ayurvedic principles. They all taste awesome, look awesome and are awesomely healthy 🙂


Plus, the deli and the coffee shop is 30 seconds from the beach so you can swim, have some drinks here, then swim again, have a lunch here, and then swim some more. The only disadvantage is that Puerto Pirata Puerto Viejo closes at 6 pm. I so wish I could dine out there, too.

There’s many vegetarian, and even vegan options which I was really grateful for. Even a bunch of raw vegan drinks and meals. Thumbs up!



I tried loads of things from the menu together with my friends and my favorite ones were:


DRINKS at Puerto Pirata Puerto Viejo


1. coconut water – called in Costa Rica agua de pipa *Raw vegan
2. bebida de sapo = toad water (a Costa Rican traditional drink made of ginger, crystalized sugar cane juice and lemon) *Vegan
3. Ahua Kombucha – a lot of different flavors, such as noni, ginger, grapes, passion fruit, beetroot etc., all locally home-made by Soul *Vegan
Puerto Pirata Puerto Viejo (15) Puerto Pirata Puerto Viejo (27) Puerto Pirata Puerto Viejo (29)
4. juices – freshly squeezed carrot, ginger, turmeric and beet juice for 2,000 colones plus aloe vera added extra if wanted *Raw vegan
Puerto Pirata Puerto Viejo (19)
5. smoothies – my fave one was made of berries, orange, sunflower seeds, honey and added fresh aloe vera leaf (without yoghurt that comes with the original recipe) for the price of 2,500 colones. You can add one of my favorite plants – aloe vera into your smoothies only in here (I think in the whole Puerto Viejo area I have not found aloe vera smoothies anywhere else.) *Raw vegan
Puerto Pirata Puerto Viejo (13)
6. Talamanca original medicinal tea – for energy, immunity booster for 1,000 colones, with eco organic honey

MEALS at Puerto Pirata Puerto Viejo


1. Rrraw Pirate special raw salad – carrot and sesame seeds, cucumber with chia seeds, mint, red beets with coconut, cabbage and nuts, avocado with sunflower seeds, tomato and basil, yellow pejibaye sauce (garlic, parsley and palm fruit that only grows in the Central America and is rich in protein = here people call it a vegan mayonnaise) and white tahini sauce for 4,000 colones. I could eat this salad 24/7, trust me 🙂 *Raw vegan
2. Asian Pirate Raw Nem – Vietnamese style raw spring rolls with carrots, cabbage, celery and fresh mint for 3,000 colones Puerto Pirata Puerto Viejo *Raw vegan
Puerto Pirata Puerto Viejo (17)
3. Veggie Pirate – a special daily salad home-made for 3,000 colones. I tried this salad a few times as it always surprised me with the best ingredients. *Vegan
4. Flora made a mixture of 3 meals for us – Asian Pirate Raw Nem, Tabuleh with Quinoa salad, hummus, sweet potato salad, spicy tomato salad, tahini sauce and ginger-soy sauce. One word – delicious! *Vegan
Puerto Pirata Puerto Viejo (30)
5. El Pirata Hambriento – the refreshing sandwich from El Pirata OM menu – herbed chickpeas, sweet potato (ensalada de camote in Spanish), ginger, cucumber, mint, carrot and cabbage salad for 3,400 colones *Vegan
Puerto Pirata Puerto Viejo (14) Puerto Pirata Puerto Viejo (18)
6. D-Day After Pirate sandwich the detox one – tahini, black bean, cucumber, min, carrots, coconut, cabbage salad for 3,000 colones *Vegan
7. Hum-borgy pirate veggie burger – tomato and basil, chayote and mini veggie burgers with beans for 3,800 colones *Vegan
Puerto Pirata Puerto Viejo (24)
PS: The chocolate cake sold in Puerto Pirata Puerto Viejo is definitely the best in town. I could eat the whole cake, not just a piece 😀
PS2: The great thing about the sandwiches is that you can choose what kind of bread you’d like – pita, wheat free or even raw crackers.

Interview with Agness Walewinder

Agness Walewinder is a Polish travel blogger who has been travelling and living in different Asian countries since 2011. She is well known for travelling the world for less than $25 per day and she shares her tricks and tips with the readers of her blog called Moreover, she is a food lover obsessed with Chinese cuisine, yoga passionate, life enthusiast and photography freak.




1. Honestly, do you find it hard to stay fit when traveling? If so, what is the biggest challenge for you?

I’m a real foodie. I love to eat, but at the same time I want to be healthy and fit. It’s hard to combine those two things especially when you travel so I must admit that being in a good shape on the road is difficult for me. I am not able to cook my favourite healthy meals on my own so I often need to rely on local food which is mostly deep-fried in China. There is not much time to do my daily workout either when I am busy with sightseeing and blogging. Thirdly and most importantly, there are so many temptations around (cakes and fatty food) and your friends screaming “C’mon! You gotta try it!” while licking their sticky fingers are not helping at all! However, there are always some local markets from where I can grab some fresh fruits and veggies and have them for my snack so it’s not too bad.
Right now I’m working and living in Dongguan, Dalang in China. My job as an English teacher in one of Chinese kindergartens requires me to do a lot of jumping and hopping with my students so I burn a lot of calories every day and I can catch up with local sweets and delicacies without gaining any extra weight when travelling :).

2. What do you think about vegetarian/vegan/raw food diets? Do you follow any of them?

Although I don’t eat much meat weekly, I love raw fruits (bananas, mangoes, kiwi fruits) and veggies (chopped carrots with hummus and pumpkin sticks) I would probably never go 100% vegetarian/vegan or follow the raw diet. The reason being, I strongly believe that my body needs and craves different types of food, all in moderation of course, in order to function properly. I used to restrict myself from consuming carbs and ended up binging on food so I’ve learnt my lesson and I keep my current diet well-balanced. Fruits and veggies will be always my best friends and they play a major role in my busy daily schedule, but I can’t imagine my week without indulging in a freshly baked salmon or grilled chicken breasts.
Collage 1
Collage 1 – Top left – sliced banana, dried kiwi and plums with some cashew nuts sprinkled with cinnamon, Top Right – Steamed carrot and eggplant, Bottom left – gluten free pancakes with goji berries and sliced grapefruit, Bottom right – a plate of fresh fruits
Collage 2
Collage 2 – Top left – porridge with dried fruits, nuts and cinnamon, Top right – Bananas with peanut butter and goji berries, Bottom left – gluten free fruit cake with goji berries, Bottom right – banana and mango smoothie.

3. What sports do you practice on the road?

I am a runner and I go jogging very often (at least 4 times a week). That’s definitely the easiest cardio workout for me and most convenient when traveling. You just put your shorts and top on, turn on your mp3 player and start running – as simple as that. I also do a lot of yoga in the morning before having my breakfast. I stretch all my body and get physically and mentally ready for a busy day in Chinese kindergarten.

4. Do you think mental or spiritual side is also important when staying fit? Is meditation close to you?

Of course it’s important! Your body often follows your mind so you need to make sure you stay calm and positive throughout the day. There are so many health benefits of meditation scientifically proven such as:
  • It appears to boost immunity in recovering cancer patients.
  • It helps you keep emotional balance.
  • It increases fertility.
  • It lowers blood pressure.

I’ve been practicing meditation for over a year and I’ve seen many benefits in my own life, such as an improvement in key relationships in my life, as well as my overall health improving. I have definitely more ideas for my blog and new posts on how to travel the world for less than $25.





5. Your top 3 tips for other travelers to stay fit when traveling?

1) Drink a lot of water and try to eat 5-6 small meals throughout the day. It’s gonna be much healthier and cheaper for you, believe me!

2) Stick to fresh fruits and veggies ( local fruits shakes are amazing), nuts and lean fish/meat. Eat as clean as possible, but don’t forget to treat yourself with some nice local delicacies.

3) Do at least 20 minutes of cardio every day and practice some yoga before going to sleep. Try to move as much as possible, so forget the cab, walk everywhere!

Lifefood energy bars and crispbread

raw vegan Lifefood energy bars and crispbread

Those who know me remember I am a huge chocolate freak and also Mexican cuisine lover. Since I changed my diet to raw vegan back in July 2013, I did not want to say no to neither of the above.

The good news is I do not have to. I found the best replacements ever. And most of all, they are both raw vegan choices and even tastier than the original ones.

Now I munch on different kinds of chocolate and energy bars from Lifefood – all raw vegan made of organic ingredients. I found them when I was checking out how to stay fit in Prague a few months back and now cannot imagine my life without them 🙂

I tried different Lifebar energy bars already, such as coconut lifebar (made of 17% coconut, virgin coconut oil, dates, almonds and raw kesu nuts), or guarana lifebar (made of dates, Brazil nuts, almonds, virgin coconut oil, 4% guarana powder and vanilla powder) and some other flavours are still waiting for me there on my shelf. My favorite one so far is chocolate with hemp seeds in the dark brown and green package.


Lifebar Brazil guarana

Lifebar Brazil guarana

my favorite raw vegan Lifefood chocolate protein energy bar

my favorite raw vegan Lifefood chocolate protein energy bar



And how about my love for Mexican cuisine? I can still make guacamole – just smash avocado, with fresh lemon juice, tomatoes and himalayan salt. Easy and tasty. Instead of unhealthy tortillas now I eat Lifefood crispbread which is handmade and slowly dehydrated at low temperature below 42 Celsius degrees to keep all the nutritional properties.

The last time I tried the Italian crispbread made of herbs, flax seeds, Brazil nuts, carrots, sundried tomatoes, garlic, onion, buckwheat and basil. Yummy! The crispbread does not contain gluten, conservants, aromas, added sugar, soya. Basically 100% healthy.


raw vegan Lifefood energy bars and crispbread

Lifefood energy bars and crispbread

Lifefood crispbread with guacamole and veggies

Lifefood crispbread with guacamole and veggies


Lifefood products are sold in more countries around the world. Check out Lifefood in Czech Republic where they first originated, Happylife in Slovakia or other International Distributors of Lifefood.



How to stay fit in Prague

Biooo in Kotva in Prague

When I was in Prague a few weeks ago, I took my visit from a completely different perspective. This time it was all about the best places for both healthy food and natural cosmetics. I did my research before I started wondering around the city to really be sure I would give you the best tips.


Here are my tips about how to stay fit in Prague:


Where to buy natural cosmetics?


Natural cosmetics – I am against all the chemicals in my life and getting 100% natural cosmetics is the key for me. In Prague, I found this super great cosmetic shop Biooo at Namesti Republiky in Kotva shopping mall, where I got 2 things I needed the most – a natural shampoo and a face mask. Check out my full funny review of the Eliah Sahil shampoo and face mask here with photos and videos.


Biooo in Kotva in Prague

Biooo shop

Eliah Sahil shampoos in Biooo

Eliah Sahil shampoos in Biooo


Where to eat?


Raw food restaurant – I highly recommend Secret of Raw restaurant just 5 minutes walking from the main train station. It was my first raw restaurant ever and after fighting with the first days of becoming raw in Slovakia, this visit gave me hope to move forward. The raw meals all tasted way better than those I used to eat cooked. It only proved that raw food is not only super healthy but can be delicious as well.


Secret of Raw in Prague

Secret of Raw in Prague

our huge raw vegan meal in Secret of Raw

our huge raw vegan meal

enjoying delicious raw vegan food in Secret of Raw





Fresh juices – Nude fresh & juicy bar is located in Palladium shopping mall in the food court on the top floor. It’s just a small stall next to the restaurants but a great place to get freshly squeezed juices. You can even choose your favorite ingredients. Fresh coconut water is also available here but I really hope they get a proper knife to cut the coconut as I ordered 2 and the vendors could not cut it so I couldn’t get inside to eat the pulp.


a fresh juice in Nude fresh bar

a fresh juice in Nude fresh bar

drinking fresh coconut water in Nude fresh & juicy bar in Palladium

drinking fresh coconut water



Bio shop – when I was walking to do the photo shoot for Cosmopolitan magazine, just next to it on Victora Huga street I found Bio Smichov shop. I was really surprised by their huge range of different healthy snacks and ingredients. Obviously, even there they offer 100% healthy and less healthier options so if you know a lot about these things like me, just always read the labels before purchasing something. For your biggest surprise (or not), what I miss probably the most now on my raw vegan diet is the chocolate, so I bought a bunch of chocolate sticks and chocolate bars, all raw with nuts and seeds and ate them all on holidays in Portoroz in Slovenia a few days after.



in Bio Smichov Prague

in Bio Smichov


Fresh fruit and vegetables – when walking around Prague, I ran into a number of small stalls with fresh fruit and vegetables. For example one, where I bought my raw lunch – blue berries and raspberries, was just a minute walking from Bio Smichov.


fresh fruit on the streets of Prague

fresh fruit on the streets of Prague



All these places are easy to reach by foot and that’s all you need to be fit in Prague. Walking is the key to both burn the calories and find the hidden gems where other tourists don’t go.


Check out my video when I tried to stay fit in Prague:

5 ways of being fit in San Francisco

fresh salad in a Westfield restaurant

San Francisco is a paradise city for many. You might know already that for me it’s the second favorite city in the world after Barcelona and I fell in love with San Francisco for many different reasons. And it’s also great to stay fit when traveling.


The best 5 ways of being fit in San Francisco are:


1. walking the hills – avoid public transportation as much as you can and just walk. All the hills will be tough at first but it will make you stronger. I spent 10 days in San Fran and the first 2 days I was literally dying each time I had to go up a hill but then it turned quickly and it became part of my daily routine.

2. fresh juices – if you are in the city center, visit Westfield, the only shopping mall in the heart of San Francisco. On the first floor there is Jamba juice where you can get fresh juices, smoothies and even some salads, fresh breakfast items and other meals. No corn syrup, 0g trans fat and no preservatives. I recommend getting something without dairy and not baked, and ask them to add vitamins/protein etc. I was there a few times during my stay to get juices for both snacks or dinner. The many restaurants on the ground floor of Westfield also offer fresh salads.


fresh salad in a Westfield restaurant

fresh salad in a Westfield restaurant


3. fresh fruit and vegetables – there’s a little grocery store at every corner in the San Francisco city center which I truly loved so you have no excuses to just stop by and get an apple, a carrot or a pack of berries. China Town is also a good neighborhood for shopping fresh or Ferry Building for organic fruit and veggies.


fresh vegetables in China town

fresh vegetables in China town


4. jogging/cycling/skating/walking – so many people do these activities along the piers. I know sometimes the wind or the fog are not very pleasant in SF but on a nice sunny day it is fun!


cycling the San Francisco piers

cycling the San Francisco piers


5. a salad in any restaurant – there’s many restaurants in San Francisco, such as The Plant Cafe Organic restaurant where you can get raw vegetable salads. Easy, fresh and healthy!


a salad in The Plant Cafe organic restaurant

a salad in The Plant Cafe organic restaurant



If you are looking for other things to do in San Francisco, check it out here.

How to stay fit on board a cruise

a lot of fruit on board MSC Preziosaa lot of fruit on board MSC Preziosa

I spent a week on board beautifully decorated MSC Preziosa flagship cruising around the Mediterranean sea and I had to experience myself if one of the preconceived notions of getting fat on board a cruise is true.

But it is not that difficult not to gain weight on a cruise. It all depends on you.


6 tips on how to stay fit on board a cruise:


1. ditch lifts, take steps instead – each time I was on my own I climbed the steps, both up and down. Trust me, going up to the 15th deck from the 5th where the reception was, or 6th or 7th where most of the restaurants and entertainment were was a bit challenging, especially after a huge meal. The first day I walked around 1,000 steps and then I stopped counting them but it is the easiest exercise you can do when cruising. I am so happy I listened to my friend Dan who gave me this tip when we spoke about what to expect on board a cruise.

Who wouldn’t like to take these beautiful staircase instead of a boring lift??


take the steps, no lift policy on board a cruise

take the steps, no lift policy on board a cruise


2. there is a gym, personal trainer or yoga classes in the MSC Aurea spa so no excuses, you can hit them any time during the day, or even more times if you feel like (or if your belly fat shows you should).

3. jogging or fast walking around the decks – I saw a bunch of people jogging around the swimming pools. The ship is 333 m long and 38 m wide so there is enough space for you to go around a few times.

4. healthy food – as a person who LOVES eating and really eat at least 5 times per day, if not 6, healthy food was what I was most excited about. Already every night I was looking forward to the following breakfast where I could choose from cereals, many different berries, fresh fruit, green tea, fresh orange juice, coconut and nuts. Then in my cabin in the Yacht club I had a basket of fresh fruit every day and I did eat my favorite fruit. Buffet lunch offered many healthy options, you could make your own salad with olive oil and then get fresh fruit too (even some exotic varieties).


a lot of fruit on board MSC Preziosaa lot of fruit on board MSC Preziosa

a lot of fruit on board MSC Preziosa


Alright, pizzas, pasta, sandwiches, soups and all the other delicious meals were there too but it was possible to get a bit of those and still make the salad the biggest part of your lunch. And dinners … well, 3 to 5 course dinners were on the plan every single night for us, it didn’t change the fact you could opt for fish, soup, salad or something light and healthy.

To make sure passengers can get the perfect combination of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, the MSC’s nutritionists created ”Deliciously Healthy” daily meals in the main restaurants of the Golden Lobster and l’Arabesque.


fresh berries for breakfast on board MSC Preziosa

fresh berries for breakfast on board MSC Preziosa


5. excursions – you will walk during many excursions once you disembark in the port. I’ll take that as an extra walking. Sometimes it is possible to do sport activities in the ports. Get on one of them if necessary.

6. swimming – a number of pools allows you to spend hours swimming, even if the weather is not warm enough for a dip, there is always at least one indoor pool on board a cruise where you can spend calories gained from the Italian pasta you had for lunch or a yummy dessert from last night dinner.

Swimming on board a cruise possible any time

Swimming on board a cruise possible any time


MSC Preziosa and other cruises do offer hours of finger-licking cuisine but if you want to stay fit, there is always a way. It all depends on your strong will and how much you really want to stay fit on board a cruise! Remember, no lift policy!

9 steps to burn calories easily

green green tea to burn calories easily

I can hear you saying you don’t have time to think of how to burn calories when you are busy traveling. But let me tell you, it is so possible to burn more calories just adding a few things into your schedule.


I found these 9 steps to burn calories easily:


1. chew a gum – yes, you will hear it many times. Chewing gum is supposed to burn calories. Every little helps, right? 🙂

2. drink green/white teagreen and white tea belong to those drinks that help your body to burn calories without even doing anything else. Yes, polyphenols in them do wonders. Plus they fight all the free radicals. What else could you ask for when just getting your daily water into body?


green green tea to burn calories easily

green tea to burn calories easily


3. do things standing – you would maybe not believe it but if you stand, you get rid of some calories, not that much when sitting though. So all the things I can do while standing and not sitting down, I will.

4. eat breakfast – I mentioned it already. Not skipping breakfast boosts your metabolism which is exactly what you want. And we all love food, so what’s the reason not to include breakfast into your 5 daily meals?

5. spice up your life – spicy food can also be an easy way to less weight. If you like Mexican or Thai cuisine, go ahead. This is not something I personally do though as spicy food or even a bit spicy salsa makes me sick. Not the biggest fan of it.

6. squeeze your belly – this is the easiest exercise to do whenever you want to … on the train, bus, plane, waiting in a Q etc. Just squeeze your abs for a few seconds when breathing out and relax them with a breathe in. Repeat for a few minutes even a couple of times a day.

7. move your legs/feet when sitting – it will definitely burn at least some calories in case you have to be in a sitting position for too long. Anything is better than nothing.

8. eat the peel – your stomach will use more energy to process the vegetable/fruit peel. Obviously, talking about peel you can eat, I mean apple or carrot one, not the orange peel.

9. add cinnamon to your food – it is said that cinnamon is one of the spices that helps burn calories. I use it with every oatmeal and sometimes with apples too.


Are you doing any of these steps to burn calories easily? Would you add any more? Don’t make them your secrets 🙂


A rucola salad

rucola salad

Tonight I was remembering my year living in Italy and how much I’ve always loved Italian cuisine, even the food in Puglia. In Italy it is very popular to use rucola on pizza, pasta or even salads. I always enjoyed it as I couldn’t get it in many other countries.

Tonight I decided to make a rucola salad. It takes just 5 minutes to prepare it and it’s great for dinner. Just add olive oil, walnuts, tomatoes, tofu soy cheese (if you cannot live without cheese) and sesame seeds. Rucola loses its bitter taste with all these ingredients.


rucola salad

rucola salad


Do you also like rucola? What other ingredients would you add?


My experience with detox

going through detox

The other day I have explained you a bit why I was going crazy. A few months ago I got skin rash on cleavage, forehead and upper back. I’ve never had anything similar before and wasn’t really sure what it was. Over months, I had to try a lot of different things to get rid of it.

I am trying to eat healthy as much as I can but logically I am no angel.

After years, I decided I needed to go through detox.


I didn’t want to do a fast detox of just a day or two as I knew eating healthy when traveling is not easy at all. No matter how much I try, I still take it as being ”on holidays” so I can get ice cream or strawberry chocolate desserts whenever I can, right? And all those press trips just make it worse as my sponsors want me to have a brilliant time and food helps it very easily.


But it was the right time for a change. If not now, then when?

I had to make it the right time!


I started avoiding chemicals in cosmetics, stopped using the deodorant, shower gel, any make-up and perfume. I bought shampoo with no parabens and made of mostly natural ingredients and also began to apply 100% argan oil on my skin instead of body lotion. hand cream and face cream.

However, this is where my experience with detox only started.

going through detox

going through detox


I also started eating more raw vegetables and fruit, many seeds and made juicing part of my afternoon/dinner time. I added green tea for breakfast, white tea for lunch, seabuckthorn tea, linden tea, reishi tea and cups of other healthy teas in the afternoon/at night. I was as well taking spiruline and used detox foot paths for 2 weeks.

Dairy, meat and chocolate at minimum. No ice cream. Only rarely I used soy milk instead of cow milk, and if I was craving for some sweets, I got a small bite of 80% chocolate. I tried to avoid pasta and bread too.


I did cheat a few times though – I had chicken breast twice, cheese maybe 5 times, a few cakes and chocolate when I had a really bad day. But it is a lot less than ”normal”.


There’s not much to do in winter when it’s or slippery or full of snow so at least I went for a walk when possible, took 6 floors of steps up to my apartment and down, did some boxing or yoga. No sports where I could burn a lot of energy as it’s been a very long detox and I had days when I felt weak.

I did all this for 2 months and even though I cheated a few times over holidays (at Slovak Christmas and NYE), I have lost 3 kilograms and I feel much better and lighter. I also lost 90% of the rash on my forehead and maybe 80% of it on my back and cleavage. And it’s the first winter ever I have not had to fight with sinusitis yet. Even when everyone else was sick around me, I was healthy.


Long detox is not easy. I guess no detox is. But it was so worth it! I can say it started as a simple detox but I taught myself to be more patient and take better control of my cravings.

Have you ever gone through detox? Tell me about your experience with detox.