9 steps to burn calories easily

green green tea to burn calories easily

I can hear you saying you don’t have time to think of how to burn calories when you are busy traveling. But let me tell you, it is so possible to burn more calories just adding a few things into your schedule.


I found these 9 steps to burn calories easily:


1. chew a gum – yes, you will hear it many times. Chewing gum is supposed to burn calories. Every little helps, right? 🙂

2. drink green/white teagreen and white tea belong to those drinks that help your body to burn calories without even doing anything else. Yes, polyphenols in them do wonders. Plus they fight all the free radicals. What else could you ask for when just getting your daily water into body?


green green tea to burn calories easily

green tea to burn calories easily


3. do things standing – you would maybe not believe it but if you stand, you get rid of some calories, not that much when sitting though. So all the things I can do while standing and not sitting down, I will.

4. eat breakfast – I mentioned it already. Not skipping breakfast boosts your metabolism which is exactly what you want. And we all love food, so what’s the reason not to include breakfast into your 5 daily meals?

5. spice up your life – spicy food can also be an easy way to less weight. If you like Mexican or Thai cuisine, go ahead. This is not something I personally do though as spicy food or even a bit spicy salsa makes me sick. Not the biggest fan of it.

6. squeeze your belly – this is the easiest exercise to do whenever you want to … on the train, bus, plane, waiting in a Q etc. Just squeeze your abs for a few seconds when breathing out and relax them with a breathe in. Repeat for a few minutes even a couple of times a day.

7. move your legs/feet when sitting – it will definitely burn at least some calories in case you have to be in a sitting position for too long. Anything is better than nothing.

8. eat the peel – your stomach will use more energy to process the vegetable/fruit peel. Obviously, talking about peel you can eat, I mean apple or carrot one, not the orange peel.

9. add cinnamon to your food – it is said that cinnamon is one of the spices that helps burn calories. I use it with every oatmeal and sometimes with apples too.


Are you doing any of these steps to burn calories easily? Would you add any more? Don’t make them your secrets 🙂



  1. Shannon J says:

    Thanks for the tips- never knew that cinnamon could help burn calories

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