You don’t have to put on weight on a luxury cruise

river Bangkok Thailand

These days I started planning some of my trips in 2015 and I hope to revisit Thailand in October not just to go there to a travel blogger conference TBEX to meet up with fellow bloggers and potential business partners, but also because each time I visit Asia, I fall in love with it more and more. The last time I was in Bangkok was in fall of 2014 and I spent a week there practicing Muay Thai boxing and learning how to protect myself with thai boxing moves in case there was a weirdo following me somewhere on the road.

Right now, wondering about which of my bucket list destinations and activities I would like to check off, I found a post on the Scenic Tours blog about their new plans. Vietnam and Laos are definitely the Asian countries that do stand out for me and I so love Thailand that just the idea of enjoying a luxury Mekong river cruise sounds more than like a plan to me.

It was this time 2 years ago when I was just preparing myself for my first cruise ever. I have been on many boat and catamaran trips as they are my very favorite activities and I try to do a lot of snorkeling and swimming. But my first longer ”real” cruise was back in March 2012. It was around the Mediterranean sea.

Now it seems I could get to know a lot in Asia without the stress of many flights and most of all without a backpack and just hop on a cruise. That would be my first longer river cruise as until now I have only spent a few hours on some, such as the Danube cruise in Budapest where I enjoyed the romantic candle-lit dinner.


river Bangkok Thailand

river Bangkok Thailand


For many, Asia is a backpacking destination, I admit. Most of the newbie bloggers and those who get the guts to leave everything and go on their first long solo trip (or the famous gap year) choose Asia as their first destination. Asia, maybe except Singapore and Hong Kong, is mostly cheaper than many other world destinations and it is easy to travel around with a backpack staying at hostels. That is a fact.

But how about the luxury travelers like me? I don’t want to sweat with a dusty backpack on my back but still want to visit all the breath-taking destinations. Now with this new cruise concept there is a chance to visit the 12th longest river in the world and all the main spots next to it.

Honestly, I was really happy to find out about the Mekong’s most luxurious ship the Scenic Spirit which will give you an opportunity to explore the best of Asia from the comfort of your luxury suite.

I can imagine what you are trying to say now …

Yes, I have heard many times too that it is just older people going on cruises and I have to disagree. There are a lot of preconceived notions about cruising and this is one of them.


You can stay fit onboard a cruise and you do not have to be over 60 to go on one.


If you would like to find out how not to put on weight onboard a cruise, then read my article about the 6 tips on how to stay fit on a cruise. You can definitely practice yoga in your suite, go to the gym, choose from the exotic fruits for lunch, burn some calories during the day trips ouside of the cruise and take steps instead of the lifts.


healthy food on board a cruise

healthy food on board a cruise

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