Secret of Raw in Prague

I have worked with more than 200 sponsors over the past 3 years since I started blogging in September 2010. Most of them are for my main travel blog Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler where I work with hotels, travel agencies, airlines, PR companies, restaurants, cloth companies and anything related to traveling. You can check the full list of my sponsors here.



My main sponsors for this blog are:



Secret of Raw – restaurant and raw courses

Secret of Raw in Prague

Secret of Raw in Prague



Biooo – bio cosmetics

Biooo in Kotva

in Biooo in Kotva



Bio Rastlinne Oleje – bio vegetable oils

Bio rastlinne oleje

Bio vegetable oils



BioNature – green superfoods

zelene produkty z bionature.sk

green superfoods



Nature’s care, Purity Vision and Lavera – cosmetics

Nature's Care, Purity Vision and Lavera

Nature’s Care, Purity Vision and Lavera


Czech Lifefood – 100% raw products – my favorite ones are raw chocolate bars and crackers. Check here for International Lifefood Distributors a tu pre slovenskeho distribútora Lifefoodu – Happylife


raw Lifefood products

raw Lifefood products


Sum – hemp seeds, hemp protein, hemp bran powder, hemp oil

SUM hemp protein and seeds

SUM hemp protein and seeds


EQUA – ecological BPA-free bottles. Tu je slovenska stranka Moja Equa.

My EQUA BPA-free bottles

My EQUA BPA-free bottles


Punta Coco Soaps – soaps, shampoo, conditioner, body scrubs and more hand-made from 100% pure coconut oil in Bocas del Toro, Panama


Punta Coco Soaps

Punta Coco Soaps


Dorothy’s Own – organic chocolate from Bocas del Toro, from raw cacao beans, nibs, to 89% pure chocolate, or flavoured chocolate. Sold at Bocas del Toro at Super Gourmet store on the Main 3rd Street and at Island Traders.


Dorothy's Own chocolate

Dorothy’s Own chocolate

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  1. Mandi says:

    Is it hemp products that I am looking at here in these pictures? Hemp is not only used in medical fields but cosmetics and foods. Hemp is very good for human health 🙂

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