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The most important healthy tip – eat 5 times per day

eat small portions often

You would not believe it, but I always get a really bad reaction or a blank staring as answer to my

Yes, I do eat 5 times per day. Or sometimes even 6.

It is very surprising that so many people see never heard of it. Really??? It is the simplest rule to healthiness and been told and written down so many times. And still maybe around 90% of all people who spend some time with me when traveling get a shock.

The thing is that our body works in a very simple way that if more people understood it, it would be much easier for their body, stomach and also belly fat.

Do you ask how a person can stay slimmer eating more times per day and giving more food to the body than doing less? It does not make sense I hear you saying?

Well, it does!

Your body needs a routine. I know that we travelers are strongly against any kind of routine, but this should be one of the very few ones we better get in our life as soon as possible. And please, do not get rid of it. This is not one of those routines you should fight against. The opposite, do anything you can to apply eating 5 or 6 times per day. Right, every single day.

Still don’t understand why?

To make it easy for your brain, let’s just say this: your body needs energy every 2 or 3 hours again to function properly. Energy has to be from food and your body wants to use it all knowing that in another 2 or 3 hours it will get more. You have to create this routine. If this does not exist, your body is smart and will know it. Next time it will just ulozit something for later on. And that something will be fat on your belly. Do you really want that?

eat small portions often

eat small portions often


Tomorrow start the day with breakfast, then get some fruit for snack as second meal of the day, lunch, more snacks (e.g. something with protein, or nuts, a salad) and then dinner. Do not snack eating chips or unhealthy white bread sandwiches. You want to get your body the best possible.

I will be honest with you now. This routine will be one of the most difficult things to keep up with when traveling and in some places around the world it will be pain in the ass (own experience) but your body and disappearing belly fat will thank you so much! It actually makes it harder for me to remember to bring healthy snacks with me in between the meals and my body got used to it so much that I get cranky when no food is delivered into my stomach for longer than 3 hours, but it has many more advantages behind it.

Just give it a try – smaller portions 5 or 6 times per day depending on how long you stay up. You will also feel so much lighter with more energy and not like having a siesta after each meal.

Want no belly? Eat often, the best 5 times per day! Remember to eat fruit and/or vegetables with every portion of food.