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Interview with Inma Gregorio

Inma Gregorio runs Aworldtotravel.com , a travel blog where photography, music festivals, design, great outdoors and budget flashpacking get featured on a regular basis. Follow her travels on Facebook,InstagramTwitter and YouTube!


1. Honestly, do you find it hard to stay fit when traveling? If so, what is the biggest challenge for you?

I’d say it’s not the easiest thing in the world but it’s far from being hard. When travelling, I usually can’t stay still. Cities or great outdoors are better discovered on foot and there are big chances of some adventure activities being included in my travels.
The biggest challenge for me would be to follow a specific routine because I am really bad at that. Even when I am home, my working hours differ from the majority of my friend’s. Maybe it’s because I’m more of an afternoon /night person…

2. What do you think about vegetarian/vegan/raw food diets? Do you follow any of them?

I eat pretty much everything. Loving food as much I do, I’ve never followed any diets at all. Although, I have to say, since living with veggies and vegans; it’s something I’d love to give a try at some point. There are huge misconceptions about it!

3. What sports do you practice on the road?

Swimming, hiking, biking and skating could be among the easiest and cheapest (many times free!) ones. Then, if I get lucky, I might get involved into kayaking, snowboarding or practicing any other adventure sport.
I forgot jumping and dancing when attending music festivals. You do exercise a lot there too! 🙂
French Alps for life!

4. Do you think mental or spiritual side is also important when staying fit? Is meditation close to you?

I believe in the need of finding a balance. Creating your own luck may be very demanding sometimes and stress, fatigue and long hours are part of our daily life. That’s why keeping a good mental health is essential.
About meditation, I’ve tried it before leaded by someone else but never practiced it on my own. Should I?

5. Your top 3 tips for other travelers to stay fit when traveling?

1. Be aware of your body and its needs. You need to eat and sleep as much as you do when you are home. Quality is also important and it tends to be overrated. Your health and safety should be your first priority when traveling.
2. If you feel you should practice a sport on top of the exercise you do when traveling long-term, do it! Pick something you can do everywhere (running, yoga, resistance band, swimming…) and develop a daily routine.
3. Stay away from bad habits and drink lots of water instead of caffeinated drinks and alcohol. You can’t stay fit properly if you are hangover!