Interview with Brian and Noelle

Brian and Noelle at the top of the Cho La Pass during the Everest Base Camp trek, Nepal

Brian and Noelle are an Irish couple set out to explore new places, have amazing adventures and live a life of travel! They have built their lives around the idea of visiting as many countries and experiencing as many different cultures as they can. Through their website they share their travel stories, photos and tips with you as they continue wandering on.

Brian and Noelle after hiking to the top of Indonesia's tallest volcano, Mount Kerinci in Sumatra.

after hiking to the top of Indonesia’s tallest volcano, Mount Kerinci in Sumatra

1. Honestly, do you find it hard to stay fit when traveling? If so, what is the biggest challenge for you?


It is always a challenge to stay fit when travelling but if it is important to you, you can always find a way. When you’re travelling every day is different, one day you could be sightseeing in a city, the next day all day on a bus or a train and the next rafting or hiking somewhere. While this variety is what we love about travelling, it can also be one of the biggest challenges to exercising, you have no fixed routine and so you have to take your chances when they come.


2. What do you think about vegetarian/vegan/raw food diets? Do you follow any of them?


We have no problem with vegetarian or vegan diets but we don’t follow them. We think we could quite happily live without meat and have done for extended periods before, particularly in Nepal. There are power outages everyday and so refrigeration of meat can be an issue, to avoid any chance of getting sick we stuck to a mostly vegetarian diet. In that part of the world it’s really easy to eat vegetarian as a lot of the locals follow a vegetarian diet for religious reasons and the food is really good!


3. What sports do you practice on the road?


We like to keep as active as we can when we travel. We love to go hiking which is a great workout, Brian surfs any chance he gets and Noelle practices yoga when she gets the opportunity. Just being on your feet all day, sightseeing, waking to view points, exploring a new place, it all helps with staying fit and healthy. If at all possible we’ll walk rather than taking a taxi or a bus, it keeps costs down and you see things you otherwise wouldn’t.


Brian and Noelle at the top of the Cho La Pass during the Everest Base Camp trek, Nepal

at the top of the Cho La Pass during the Everest Base Camp trek, Nepal


4. Do you think mental or spiritual side is also important when staying fit? Is meditation close to you?

Meditation is something we’ve never really gotten into, practicing yoga would be the closest thing we do in terms of a mental side to exercise. Getting out in the mountains and hiking is a great way to switch off and be in the moment, a kind of meditation in itself.


Brian and Noelle at the summit of Hallasan, South Korea's Highest mountain, located on Jeju Island, South Korea

Hallasan, South Korea’s Highest mountain, located on Jeju Island, South Korea

5. Your top 3 tips for other travelers to stay fit when traveling?


1. Be mindful of staying active. You don’t have to get up and run everyday but if an opportunity comes up to do a yoga class, go rafting, do a hike or whatever, then go for it. Working out doesn’t have to be a chore; it can be a lot of fun, especially when you’re travelling.

2. Eat healthy. Often when travelling on a budget, people will eat whatever local food is cheapest and a lot of the time this is deep fried, unhealthy rubbish food. Spend a little more on the healthier option and enjoy what you’re eating. Go to local markets to buy fruit and vegetables, they are usually super cheap and you can mix with the local people while you’re at it.

3. Drink plenty of water. Be extra mindful of this in hotter climates, when the weather is warmer you should drink even more to stay properly hydrated. Carry a reusable water bottle to save on money and do your bit for the environment too.



  1. Thanks so much for interviewing us for this great series! We’re delighted to be a part of it! 🙂
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