Is it easy to stay fit when traveling?

I get asked what I do to stay skinny and look good on the road all the time. Not many people know I took a few courses where we spoke a lot about healthy lifestyle as it used to be my ”job” for a bit during the University.

I could be called a health freak, yes.

But is it easy to stay fit when traveling? 


I know exactly what to eat and when, and also what not to, but still, sometimes the forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest, right? So I do sin from time to time, I have to admit. Especially I cannot live without chocolate and ice cream. It is always difficult to say no. Mostly when traveling, we tend to treat every trip as ”holidays” and we want to enjoy at maximum. It means no restrictions when on the road.

Trust me, it is not so easy for me either to eat healthy and keep fit when traveling. I should be grateful for my good metabolism for sure and do more exercise and sports.

There are two reasons why I started with this fit travel blog: to give simple tips to travelers to help them be fit and also to force myself to try harder whenever I can. We have just one life and one health and it makes me upset to see how we just do not appreciate it at all. We just keep eating food we know we should not and it keeps accummulating inside of the body until it shows on the surface later on … and at that time it might be too late.

Please stop treating your only body and your only health the worst way possible.

Change the things you can change. Don’t wait for a miracle to happen, make it happen yourself. Get in a better shape, get more energy, get a smoother skin, get more life. You can do all this with just a bit of self-control, healthy meals and moving your ass! You can do it! And I started this blog to make it happen for me too. I want to be your inspiration. I need to live healthier and do more exercise too. Good luck to us.

I know that people do know that it is more difficult to stay fit than to be unhealthy. And I also hope people will realise they have only one body, one health.


I am not just a lucky person but it is a hard work also for me. Yes, it is. I just had my last chocolate cheese and raspberries cake a few hours ago and for a few days there will be nothing sweet on my table. Do the same. Stop buying sweets, chocolate and cookies. You can live without them no matter how much it can hurt in the beginning. Let’s try it together.

Move as much as possible. I just walked to the 6th floor and then had a good work out for 30 minutes.


Do you find it difficult to stay fit when traveling too? Please share in the comments, I don’t bite 🙂


  1. Joshua Nicholls says:

    I don’t really focus on improving my health and fitness when travelling but I definitely maintain! When I arrive in a new place one of the first things I do is find a basketball court. Then when I get some free time I like to play with the locals for a few hours… it’s a great way to meet people and have some fun whilst keeping in shape 🙂

  2. The Guy says:

    Yet another website Alex, good on you and well done.

    I look forward to reading your tips. As a business traveller there is little opportunity at times to keep fit. There can often be limited food choices due to where you have to be and at what time.

    Hopefully I can learn to improve my ways from your tips.

  3. It’s actually a funny situation for me. When I was living at home (in the USA), I exercised daily and ate really healthy foods. However, I drove everywhere and didn’t pay attention to portion sizes, two things I think a lot of Americans are guilty of. Since I’ve started living abroad, I stopped going to the gym, but now walk pretty much everywhere and stopped paying attention to my diet but started getting used to adequate portion sizes in the countries I traveled. I’ve actually been about 10 lbs lighter than those days when I exercised and dieted constantly. So I’ve actually become healthier while traveling without even trying. I love this site idea, it’s something I always think about.

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