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Keeping fit on honeymoon – is it possible?

Everyone’s honeymoon should be an idyllic fairy-tale holidays. We all would agree on that one, right? But frankly, how many of you are worried about eating too many different cakes on your wedding day (women, please be honest with yourselves) and then too many strawberries covered with chocolate from mouth to mouth with your new life partner? And also bear in mind to add all the calories from the champagne shared in jacuzzi with your new spouse…


It all might sound like a paradise, I admit, especially when flying to a deserted island with private white beach where you can hang out for 24/7 enjoying your loved one.


However, after you get back home to your stereotype life again and force yourself to stand on that weight scale … you find yourself in a shock.


You don’t want this to happen, right?


I don’t know why but last night I had a dream about my honeymoon. I am not even engaged yet but maybe it was because a British friend of mine who is sharing a room with me for a week now in Spain talked about her upcoming engagement. So I woke up in the morning coming up with many honeymoon ideas.


I thought about not only the possible destinations for my (hopefully-one-day-coming) honeymoon, but as well about keeping fit on honeymoon. Is it really possible?



Here are my tips about staying fit on honeymoon:


1. No stress

Keep stress level at minimum. I know planning both a wedding and honeymoon usually gets very stressful but most people put on weight when they are under pressure. You need to breathe in and out a few times to calm down before you start eating. Also, remember to sit down and not to eat while running from one place to another.


2. Stay active

Plan some fun activities for you and your partner that will make you stay active. Go snorkeling, scuba diving, rappelling, kayaking, surfing, or practice yoga on the beach. Most hotels also offer a whole bunch of activities so you can even join volleyball in the pool or water polo. Find anything that makes you happy and if you can spend quality time together while doing so, that’s even better 😉


3. Start with fruit and fresh salads

Buffets, and more buffets. All inclusive can get really annoying after a while and all the kilograms you lost to fit into your wedding dress could get back faster than you imagine. My best advice would be to always get tropical fruits for breakfast and lunch and then start with a fresh raw vegetable salad for dinner. You are gonna fill up your stomach with healthy food and it won’t make you feel that guilty (at least this trick works with my brain.) If you are still hungry, then get a bite of something less healthy. Try to balance things. Healthy eating is totally doable. Try to keep 80/20 balance – 80% of healthy meals and 20% of those I call cheating 😀


4. Keep walking

I swear on walking! There’s nothing that keeps me fit more than walking. You can walk in every destination. Get a map or just wonder around chatting about everything you want to do in future with your partner. Avoid taxis and public transportation and explore the surroundings on your own. If you are on an island or outside a city, go for a hike! The views from up the hill will be worth all the sweat drops. And if you happen to get lost, don’t worry. You will have a good story to tell your grandchildren in a few years. Even if you chose a luxury cruise for your honeymoon, there’s always a way to stay fit on a cruise.

PS: Explore on foot, especially after every big meal. Don’t go to bed nor lie down on the beach directly after a heavy meal, it will slow down your digestion.


I can only imagine most of you will ditch your gym routine when on honeymoon but it doesn’t mean you have to return a few kilograms heavier. Just remember, do your best every single day. That’s what counts!